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Hey ya’ll! Let me start out by saying Wow! So much has happened since we got approved in May. We have had two little girls for five days, then after they returned home we got a call about a sweet little Boy. So we brought our sweet little baby home July 15th and our adventure began agian. We have been so busy that I forgot to write a post, lol. So I am typing this up as he naps.  As you all know, with fostering we can’t go into any detail or post pictures (which is super hard for me lol) at all, but I can tell you that saying “yes” to this sweet little boy was the best decision ever!

We have watched him grow and learn so many things since we brought him home at three weeks old! <3  He has defintely changed the way we think and do things now. He is over four months old now and has the cutest baby giggle and the cutest little chubby cheeks….ya’ll he melts my heart! Just watching him every day or every week learn new things makes us so happy! We love watching him grow and become his own little person.

Being a full time mom and helping Kevin with the buisness is some times a struggle, but we are figuring it all out little by little. I love being a mom and loving on a baby who needs it the most, it makes my heart feel complete! As of right now he is still with us and getting all the love he needs and deserves. We have definitely had plenty of questions, but we have a great support group and pediatrician to help out! I will keep you all updated when I can.

If anyone is interested in becoming a foster parent please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will give you the dates when they have more information sessions. The city of Virginia Beach needs more Families to help with all ages!

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