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So the road to approval to become foster parents is in fact in motion! We got word that our home study report is finally being put together.  This process could take weeks… but we just don’t know. This whole experience has made me uneasy and uncomfortable due to the fact that I’m not a big fan of waiting or the unknown. Anyone who knows me knows I am a planner and always have to have things ready before it happens. But in this adventure I have to just go with the flow and make sure we do everything on our end. (Which we did, lol) There are a few things that we still need to do, but that’s once we get approved (fingers crossed that’s soon). Until then all we can do is continue to build our website design business.


Thanks to amazing friends and Facebook marketplace finds, the nursery/baby’s room is about 95% ready, the other 5% is all stuff we can easily get when they are needed. We are always looking for stuff for ages 0-5 boy or girl. Also if you have stuff from your children that you have ready to take to the thrift store, consider donating to Connect With A Wish, they are a small nonprofit who helps foster kids and parents as myself. They are a true blessing to the community of foster parents! 


Many of y’all have been through this adventure with us and we really want y’all to know that it means so so much to us to have you all on our side as we go through this journey and new chapter of our lives! We appreciate all the positive vibes and help we have already received from our friends and family.  We love y’all more then anything in the world!!!  We hope the next blog post will be the “yay we got approved” post! 

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