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(Yes this is my tattoo!)

Conaigh, Gráire, Grá

Means= “Live, Laugh, Love” in Scottish Gaelic

      So as many of you know I am under a contract to donate eggs to couples who need them to have a baby. In doing this I am saving the money we receive to put towards our own IVF treatment to hopefully become pregnant.

       So I got the call in February that I got picked!!! We are so happy and can’t wait to help some lucky couple achieve their dream! So the process and meds I will be going through and taking will probably make me moody and stay to myself. I just everyone to know that while doing this I will be fine, just really busy!

   Even though I will be taking a lot of meds and seeing the doctor just about every other day, I am happy to be doing this! I am however worried and scared about going under for the procedure. I have complete faith and trust in our medical team…Im just scared because I have never been under any kind of anesthesia! I will have to recover after the procedure…But I am sooo excited to get this mission/dream started!

     Now we just need me to be picked three more times. Then hopefully by the end of December beginning of January we will be able to have our first IVF treatment. I will be praying it turns into a pregnancy, and hope you all who are following will pray with us!!

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