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As everyone knows we have tried to get pregnant and have failed due to reasons that we can not control.. So we are taking the next step which will help change other couples lives. We found out today that we are good to begin this process, we just have to wait to be picked(I’m am never good at waiting, haha) Hearing that I can start the process to donate eggs to woman who can not produce them on their own, makes us SO happy and excited! This news is exactly what we needed, this means we are one step closer! So we hope that by helping four couples make their dream of being a parent come true, that this will help our dream come true.

Knowing this process could take a year, we are hoping to be picked and help spread some to joy to other couples soon. We will post more updates as we get them. Thanks for always reading these posts and praying for good to happen! you can read more about everything in these links below to prior blog posts.



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