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Hello friends and Family, Its been a while since we updated everyone about our adventure to become parents, so here it is!

Most of you already know that Kevin and I can’t have a baby the natural way.  Those who don’t know here is a link to the blog explaining everything.. the-story-of-growing-our-family .  Everyone who knows us well knows that we don’t like putting our personal info out for the world to see, but sometimes you need help from the outside world. (A friend of ours just reminded us of this the other day) We as a couple are ready to expand our family and give our two english bull dogs a little sister or brother, but we need help…

So we have been through a few different options, but still haven’t been successful. So we are now looking into adoption. This is a big expensive process and we don’t have the whole $20K that is typically needed just lying around. The adoption agencies have HUGE fees in addition to the lawyers and home inspections that are required by law, so we’re trying to find alternatives to agencies.

So our next step is to look into private adoption. We are looking for anyone who runs into women who are pregnant but don’t want to keep the baby. We totally understand that not everyone is in a position to support a new life, and we’re never going to judge anyone, this would be a win-win-win situation! (us, the mother, and the baby!) If you know of anyone or even if you don’t, please please please! share this post so that hopefully we can find a baby to make ours!  So with all of this in mind, we are just asking for you all to share this blog post and hopefully we can make our dream come true!!

                                                                               Thank you!

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