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As many of you already know, we have been trying different ways to become parents, with not much luck. So we have been looking into adoption for some time now. The problem we keep running into is that agencies want to charge $30,000 -$35,000 and lets face it, not many people have that just laying around. So we kept looking! Through a friend of ours we were introduced to the Catholic charities and found that they are much more affordable (15,000). But having the money to do the whole process is still an issue. So with using the help from the Catholic charities, we have to do the leg work and find a mother who can’t take care of their baby. Our age limit is newborn to three years old. If anyone knows someone who fits, please please let us know.

So we are asking our family and friends to not buy us gifts for Christmas or our birthdays, we would love for you to just put that money no matter the amount in my PayPal account so we can save for the adoption! This would be the best gift of all time for us!!! We love the gifts we get each year from all of you, but this would be the absolute best thing! It will be helping us to adopt a child so that our family can be complete! Thank you!! Please feel free to share this post!

Here is a link to the whole story so those who don’t know the situation can read it. You can find more posts about our journey on my blog as well.  https://jenniferpinkney.com/the-story-of-growing-our-family/

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