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So as you know from following my posts, that we have tried IUI’s (Intrauterine insemination) a couple times. Both times the outcome was negative. We have spent many hours looking into and going to meetings about adoption….But they didn’t work out. Many of you have been there to help console me in my worst times. I just wanted to stress how much that meant to me! Even though I have told those people before! Thanks to my Hubby Kevin for always dealing with my tears when it comes to this topic.

We  talked with a Couple about becoming Foster parents a while ago but my heart wasn’t really in it. I think in my heart it was saying there must be another way…search, search, search. Then about a year after that meeting, my heart finally said it’s time. So we came to a solution that becoming Foster parents and taking care some kids who really need the stable home, love and encouragement would become our goal. We have so much love, knowledge and time to give. This is our way of giving back and being able to share the love we have!

So we started by giving the City of Virginia Beach a call, and signed up for an information session. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see what its all about before I tell my heart its ok to stop looking for other options. That night after we left the session, I knew it was for us. So we signed up and started taking PRIDE training classes. We are as of now(Feb 13, 2019) headed to our last training class tomorrow! Now it wasn’t just going to class every Wednesday, we had online classes to take at home once a week plus homework. Then came all of the forms to fill out and then scheduling the Home study visits so they could see our house and found out more about us. As we just finished our Home-study and passed(YAY!) last weekend. We now get to finish paper work and doctors appointments then we wait to see if the Council will approve us to Foster. We understand that risks of the emotional side of this, but we know there are kids out there who are in desperate need of a warm, loving and understanding environment! We are ready and super excited to get this process going.

So it was then time to let go one of the roommates and to turn that room into a nursery/toddler room.

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